Pampering you after a Bad Day (ASMR personal attention)


2021-04-08 03:30:06


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#asmr #personalattention You've had a bad day and don't want to be alone. I'm here to look after you and I'll stay with you until you fall asleep. Features an array of tingly sounds, whispers and soft speaking. Pop over to say hello on... Twitter @swarms_asmr Instagram when I remember swarms_asmr Patreon If you would like to support me for just $1 per month to help me make these videos then pop over and become a patron and you'll get early access, exclusive videos and general behind the scenes stuff. It would be great if you got tingles or even slight entertainment from my videos, most of all thank you for taking your time to watch them! Time is precious and so are you. This video is intended for ASMR entertainment and relaxation. It does not replace any kind of professional support/treatment for mental or physical health. It is not aimed towards children