ASMR Follow my instructions | New Unpredictable triggers for sleep


2021-03-11 04:00:14

TingleStorm ASMR


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Hi cosy fam! Wanna know how to relax mind from stress? Come get your tingles with this new ASMR Follow my instructions | New Unpredictable triggers for sleep. These are the best sleeping tips, to make you sleep and relax your mind and body, by just keeping up with the fast and slow pace of my commands, to really help you relax and get lots of tingles through visual triggers and great sound quality. I am saving some money to upgrade my gear and provide you with better ASMR quality. If you'd like to contribute to this ambicious prject, I set a new goal on my Ko-Fi account: any donation will be so very appreciated, and I'll reward you with a 10 min trigger video, that I usually create exclusively for my Patreon 10$ and 50$ tiers. My Ko-fi account for one time donation: Of course, if you don't want to or cannot donate I totally understand and I'm still forever greatful for your support, for subscribing, watching my videos, leaving comments and thumbs up. Thank you! If you want to have access to more relaxing videos, please subscribe, like and leave your precious feedback in the comment section below: it really, really helps me out a lot. More Follow my Instructions ASMR videos: ASMR Follow My Instructions *Unpredictable Triggers* Counting, Follow the light, Hearing Tests ASMR Follow My Instructions 💤 Follow the Light 🔦[sleep fast] ASMR Follow my Instruction for sleep | Focus on me ASMR Ultimate Light Triggers | Personal Attention | Close Up | Whispers | Soft Spoken Time stamps, yey! 00:00 00:31 Welcoming you, ASMR soft spoken Intro 00:32 02:09 Look at the glove, finger flutters 02:10 04:21 Follow the light, look at my fingers 04:22 06:59 Consensual/Direct pupil response, fast and slow triggers 07:00 10:59 Tracing on Yoga block, letters, numbers, words 11:00 12:55 Covering your eyes, find the block 12:56 13:04 Covering your eyes, find the brush 13:05 16:26 Pump triggers, left right, fast, slow 16:27 20:48 Counting 20:49 22:54 Find the word 22:55 25:45 Slow breathing, follow the light 25:46 20:20 Outro: please comment, like, subscribe #asmr #followmyinstructions #softspoken #tinglestormasmr #sleep #relax #followmycommands #tingles Many times I get asked to use specific props for my roleplays. Everyting is listed in my Amazon Wishlist: if you'd like to contibute to the creation of more realistic and deatiled videos, here is the link The Anxiety blender by Tinglestorm Podcast is a self help/mental health based podcast I created. In this podcast I share my story and focus on specific topics, so feel free to take active part. I also implement my ASMR content, for further relaxation. Spotify: Apple: Overcast: My Twitch (I stream every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday at 3pm CEST, 2pm GMT, 9am EST, 6am PST) My TikTok For business Follow me on Instagram Follow me on Twitter: Become my Patreon My Ko-fi account for one time donation: If you want to contribute to the growth of this channel, you can do a Paypal donation at Thank you so much for your support 💘💘💘💘 Wanna watch more? here is a Playlist with all my ASMR videos My ASMR videos in Portuguese: My ASMR videos in Italian My Yoga and ASMR videos My halloween videos: Intro Storm sounds courtesy of asmr sleep, asmr triggers, asmr artist, asmr sounds, asmr voice, relax yourself, ASMR Follow my instructions | Unpredictable triggers for sleep, youtube videos, trending youtube videos, asmr, follow my instructions, sleep, relax, soft spoken, personal attention