Man In-Sane | Atlas ASMR LIVE

2021-05-07 02:56:50


未分類 カテゴリーの動画をランダムで表示しています


Let's hang out! -- Fancy supporting me? ★ Patreon: ★ Tip me: I'm now on SPOTIFY!! ★ ► Twitter: ► Instagram: ► Email: ► Merch: — Why are you whispering at me?! #ASMR is an acronym commonly used to describe the 'tingly' sensation associated with certain audio/visual stimulae - often whispering/soft-spoken voice, and other quiet triggers. It's a similar feeling to 'Frisson' - the shivers that run up your spine when watching an incredible scene in a film, or really /feeling/ amazing music. It's the best.