Stop Motion Cooking - How to make Fruit salad ASMR 4K Funny Animation

2020-09-06 17:45:09

Stop Motion Cooking

Stop motion cooking with Dragon fruit Pac man. Funny animation about making fruit salad. Hope you guys enjoy this asmr video 👉 Warning: This is not real, just a stop motion video. Don't try at home! All performances are scripted content. All stunts or acts have performed in a professional and controlled environment where no one is injured. New episode will be released every day on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Don't forget to subscribe! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Stop Motion Cooking! I hope you have a great time when enjoy movies stop motion cooking! #stopmotioncooking #cooking #ASMR --------------------- Check out other Cooking Stop Motion video with great stories: Stop Motion Cooking: ASMR Cooking: --------------------- CREDIT Producer & Director - Anh Ngoc Scriptwriter - Hoa Dieu Animator - Mai Hoa, Nguyen Linh, Ngo Linh. Editor & Sound designer - Production Designer - Phan Nguyen, Thuy Nga, My Linh, Nguyen Luong System Developer - Hoang Nguyen Copyright by HFL JSC. asmr