ASMR Reiki Pulling... This WILL Make You Feel Better ✨

Tippy Tappy ASMR




A Soft Spoken ASMR Roleplay where we use Reiki healing to pull away all of that negative energy and make you feel whole again... I hope it helps when you need it 🧡 Shout out to my amazing Patreon family: Jacob Frei, Mr Tattoo, Meghan McDonald, Jenni, Devon Ohr, Gigi! Mishy, Savi Nien, Tammy Vernol, Your Conscience, The Red Wolf, Kate Biddle, HellequinNoirASMR, Umba Kalumba, Atlas ASMR, Theyseekherthere, SunshineLaPeep, Equinox Eve, Furioushobbit13, JT Lily, Aaron Booth, Katie ASMR, Misa Amane, Jello, Impossible Albatross, Birdy, Sylvain Gilibert, Ruth Booth, Nat, Sazmotaz, GentleRayne and Pink & Kitsch ASMR 🤗 You can support me and the channel on Patreon here:​​ Twitter: @asmrtappy Instagram: tippytappyasmr PayPal: Email (custom video requests/sponsors): ASMR is not a replacement for any sort of medical care, medication, therapy, counselling etc. it is simply a tool for relaxation, sleep, connection, entertainment, good vibes and the pleasant sensation of tingles for those who experience them. This video: ASMR Reiki Pulling... This WILL Make You Feel Better ✨ (ASMR Roleplay/Soft-Spoken) #ASMR​ #Reiki #Relaxing