ASMR Song Lyric Reading 9 (Audio Only, Lo-Fi)

2021-06-12 02:00:11

Northern Rob ASMR


未分類 カテゴリーの動画をランダムで表示しています


Hello, hello, hello, my Northern Souls! Welcome back to the channel! If you are new here; Welcome, welcome, welcome! Installment no.9 of the Audio Only Song Lyric Readings! In this one, I read song lyrics from 'The Black Album', by Metallica. Enjoy! Listen to the full album here - ASMR stands for "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response." It typically refers to the "tingly feeling" that travels from the head downward that some experience in response to certain sounds, feelings, or descriptions. These can include soft whispering, crinkling paper, or a gentle touch. - ASMR, although has been proven to help with anxiety, depression and other such conditions, is NOT a substitute for medicine. Please consult your Doctor if you suffer with form of mental condition.