ASMR. Twin Ear Cleaning w/Wooden Earpicks (No Talking)


2017-11-09 20:19:19


耳かき カテゴリーの動画をランダムで表示しています


Hi :) It's a requested video from Twin Ear cleaning w/metal earpicks : Many of you ask me to make another version with wooden earpicks. It's an almost no talking video. contains thermometer, fluffy ear cleaning, ear blowing sounds and few seconds of inaudible whispering, 👭 Kaya and Maya's ear cleaning is very gentle in this video. Hope you enjoy 💕 ⭐️Instagram : ⭐️2nd Channel "Kaya Vlogs" : 💓 If you want support me 💓 ⭐️Patreon : ⭐️Tip Jar : ☞ This will help maintain the Kaya ASMR channel with Props, Costumes, Editing Softwares, Microphones, Lights, Cameras etc. Please wear earphones. 이어폰을 사용해 주시기 바랍니다. Camera 1 : Canon G7X Mark2 Camera 2 : Lumix GX1 Microphone : 3Dio Free Space Recorder : Tascam DR-05 Subscribe for more videos~! 구독신청을 하시면 새로 업데이트되는 비디오소식을 바로 받아보실 수 있습니다~