ASMR | Vampire Lover Stalks & Bites You (Yandere Roleplay)

Theyseekherthere ASMR




#asmr #asmrroleplay #vampireroleplay ~Chicago, 1920s~ Valeria has been watching you, Annie Hart, a lowly dock worker/booze smuggler who works in her rum-running venture. She wants to gift you eternal life and add you to her laundry list of lovers over the centuries. However, this turn of events will ultimately send you on an inhuman path of destruction which you are attempting to atone for in the modern day. This video is a continuation of my A. Hart Vampire ASMR Series. You can watch parts 1 & 2 of the story here: There are a fair amount of triggers in this one - deep breathing, (not real) smoking, mouth sounds, soft talking, and overall 1920s ambiance. Like, comment, and/or subscribe if you enjoyed this. Thanks so much for watching! -- Find me outside of YouTube -- ✨IG: ✨Twitter:​ ✨TikTok: ✨E-mail: ✨Tip Jar:​​​​​ Thanks to and for additional media.