ASMR: Cranial Nerve Examination - Traditional Role Play [for sleep]


2021-01-24 05:59:26

TingleStorm ASMR

Hey friends! Sleep fast and get ASMR tingles with this detailed ASMR: Cranial Nerve Examination - Traditional Role Play [for sleep] - personal attention triggers, traditional medical roleplay for relaxation. If you want to have access to more relaxing videos, please subscribe, like and leave your precious feedback in the comment section below: it really, really helps me out a lot. #asmr #cranialnerve #medicalroleplay #roleplay #sleep #tingles #personalattention The Anxiety blender by Tinglestorm Podcast is a self help/mental health based podcast I created. In this podcast I share my story and focus on specific topics, so feel free to take active part. I also implement my ASMR content, for further relaxation. Spotify: Apple: Overcast: My Twitch (I stream every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday at 3pm CEST, 2pm GMT, 9am EST, 6am PST) My TikTok For business Follow me on Instagram Follow me on Twitter: Become my Patreon My Ko-fi account for one time donation: If you want to contribute to the growth of this channel, you can do a Paypal donation at Thank you so much for your support 💘💘💘💘 More Cranial nerve Exams: ASMR Cranial Nerves exam , soft spoken , relaxing medical role play ASMR Cranial nerve exam medical roleplay for tingles, sleep, relaxation, stress relief, soft spoken Wanna watch more? here is a Playlist with all my ASMR videos My ASMR videos in Portuguese: My ASMR videos in Italian My Yoga and ASMR videos My halloween videos: Intro Storm sounds courtesy of