Healing Sleep Cafe🌙 / ASMR Sleep Care Service

2018-02-10 09:14:30


シャンプー カテゴリーの動画をランダムで表示しています


11:52 in the sleep room 20:13 hand movement 34:19 hair touching & brushing 42:09 scalp massage 50:36 brushing your face 56:34 ear cleaning 01:01:19 face massage Hi everyone! This is Latte :) In this video you are going to have some relaxing sleep care service in my sleep cafe! I really like cafes so I have wanted to make this kind of video for a long time and I made this video. So.. Welcome to my cafe and I hope you enjoy it and relax yourself♥ Thank you for your support♥ : https://www.patreon.com/latteasmr