ASMR | Channel First Anniversary!!!! (Whispers, Hand Sounds, Tongue Clicking, Inaudible Whispers)

Hey hi hi, everyone! The day has finally come, this is the first anniversary special for the channel. I'm so incredibly thankful to be uploading this vid and know that I've put in an entire year of effort into helping you all get tingles and relaxation. This vid has an entire shoutout section in the beginning portion and a hand sounds/tongue clicking/inaudible whispered portion as well with some bonus mic blowing. This entire vid is my show of appreciation for all of you and I hope you feel that and enjoy this one so much 🥰 #ASMR #anniversary #whispers #hand #sounds #tongue #clicking #inaudible #mic #blowing My upload schedule currently is every day except Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. I'll post a short vid if this ever changes to give a heads up! Also, if you want to donate to support me and new trinkets for the channel I set up a paypal at . You are under no obligation to me and absolutely do not have to donate ever, you owe me nothing!