ASMR rhythmic tapping, glass water bottle, paper box, plastic bottle and my asmr music (no talking)


- Intro / Short preview
- Glass water bottle I.
- Paper box I.
- Plastic bottle I.
- Glass water bottle II.
- Paper box II.
- Plastic bottle II.
- Paper box and a glass water bottle
- Outro


2021-04-26 21:30:15

This is definitely my most traditional asmr video. Clearly, I need to practice rhythmic tapping more, but I've tried haha. This includes tapping on a paper box, a plastic bottle, a glass water bottle sounds and maybe some visual triggers from my fingers. Let me know if you like this style so I can make more videos like this one in the future. Listen with headphones for the best experience 🎧 Time stamps: 00:00​ - Intro / Short preview 00:08​ - Glass water bottle I. 01:52​ - Paper box I. 03:28​ - Plastic bottle I. 04:36​ - Glass water bottle II. 05:44​ - Paper box II. 07:20​ - Plastic bottle II. 08:24​ - Paper box and a glass water bottle 11:39​ - Outro What is your favorite part of this asmr video? This video contains a remixed version of my asmr music. Original version: 🙏 Thanks for listening my original asmr music! Comment below and let me know if you liked this. I hope you have a good time here 💕 🔔 Support my channel by subscribing, it would make my day! 👥 Social media: Instagram: Twitter: If you would like to donate to the channel and help me little more: 💎 Or you can become my patron on Patreon: 💎 HUGE THANK YOU TO MY PATRONS: ☀️ Adrian ☀️ Smokin Moses ☀️ Mike T ☀️ gStone ☀️ Mike L ☀️ Tina von Sengbusch ☀️ David Rendock ☀️ Birch in the woods ASMR 💎 Join my channel to get access to perks: Huge thanks to my first fans: ☀️ adrian duran ☀️ Mike T MUCH LOVE! ❤️ ♬ MORE OF MY ASMR MUSIC: ⬇️ ASMR sleep music 🎧 Gentle triggers, calm piano and strings for sleep and stress relief ⬇️ ASMR CHILL BEATS 🎧 It's morning again and you're feeling so good ⬇️ Experimental ASMR BEATS to make you sleepy #asmr #asmrtapping #tapping #waterbottle #plasticbottle #paperbox #rhythmic #asmrrhythmic #rhythmicasmr #tappingasmr #asmrfortingles #eartoear #asmreartoear #tappingeartoear #asmrrhythmicsounds