ASMR Roleplay: Boyfriend Helps You Through A Panic Attack (Comfort Audio) (Panic Attack Help)

My Discord: My Twitter: Here is my PayPal for anyone who would like to leave a tip! You are not required or obligated to send anything over, this is just for people who can and want to! Thanks! Now opening audio/art commissions! Payment accepted in PayPal only Payment: $1 per minute Maximum video time: 10 Minutes Minimum video time: 3 Minutes How it works: 1. Send me a DM on Discord @TempPluto#6008 2. Send me the general idea. (Or a script if you’ve written one) 3. You may choose for me to be one of my characters (The naga, Centaur etc.) If you would like a character I do not have art of, I will use the default background. (My profile picture/the picture used for general boyfriend Roleplay. 4. Specify how long you want the video to be (This will determine the price and if no time is specified I will make the video from 7 to 10 minutes long) 5. Make sure you have the money to pay me. (I will not release the video until payment is received) 6. We will decide the price 7. Send me the money and I will upload the video. It will be labeled as a commission audio but your username will not be listed. Rules: 1. No 18+ 2. Only my characters/some anime or video game guys (Depending on who they are. I cannot guarantee I can capture their character perfectly) 3. Nothing over 20 minutes and nothing under 3 minutes. 4. Pay before I upload the video. 5. No child/baby characters 6. I have the right to refuse service for any reason. (Mainly for super specific commissions I couldn’t list here) 7. No hate speech Audios/abuse Audios 8. I WILL do gay Audios and platonic Audios 9. No excessive swearing in Audios