🎧U S E H E A D P H O N E S🎧 *Open to see more* Hello guys and welcome back to another video! In tonight's video, I'll explain to you the reason why I decided to create my ASMR Youtube channel! ⚡️Don't you know what ASMR means? ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensorial Meridian Response. It refers to a pleasant feeling that people who watch receive through goosebumps, better known as triggers. They feel mostly on the back of the neck, spine, arms and legs, but there are those who feel it all over the body and the ones who do not feel it anywhere. In other words, ASMR is only sensitive to some people. It also helps those who need to sleep better, it reduces depression and helps fighting insomnia.⚡️ 📱S O C I A L M E D I A📱 Instagram - @asmr.ramos 📩Business E-mail: 💤Hope you like it and, more than all, relax!💤 #ASMR #Relax #ASMRnotalking ******************************************** ⚠️This type of videos may help with some problems, but if you are struggling with depression, anxiety or other mental illness, you should talk with a professional and you should not be afraid about doing that. These videos are made to relax but are not professional help.