ASMR Reiki for Nightmares/Healing Energy Session with a Reiki Master/Soft Spoken, Personal Attention

2021-05-31 10:54:22

Manifestation Ritual Boxes: Hello Everybody, Welcome to my Channel! I hope you're all doing as well as possible : ) Here's a healing energy session for resetting after a nightmare. This is another video that you've been requesting for a long time. I hope you find it helpful and supportive. Sending you so much love. Meditation for Release: A Special Thank You to Phil Curtis, Sunny Jonas, Dylan Michael, Tim Wilmer, Herberg, Mark Ashley, Holly Stachnik, AMW, Disko Wreckard, Laurie Owen, Blain Eno, Robin Beck, Nikki Mastroieni, Roxy B, Lori Murphy, Taylor Williams, Jennifer Baker, Cliff Lynn, and Barbara Sullivan :) Your support means the world to me! In Overwhelming Gratitude, Anna My New Vlog:​​​​​​​ My Other ASMR Channel (ASMR with Anna): Music By: Casey Foubert (Unfortunately, the music in this video is not on his YouTube Channel, he made it specifically for my videos. This means the only place you'll be able to listen to this song is in the background of my videos for now) My Reiki Master: Lune Innate​​​​​​​ CRISIS HOTLINE: If you are in a personal crisis - please call now 1-800-273-TALK (8258) (24 hours hotline), or 1-800-LIFENET. **DISCLAIMER** I am not a medical professional. Do not use this video as a substitute for seeking medical advice. This is a spiritual practice. If you wish, it can be used to complement your healthcare regime. It is in NO WAY meant to replace professional medical guidance and care.