ASMR | Aura Cleansing and Guided Meditation | Incense, Sage, Plucking, Guided Breathing

2021-06-11 23:58:24

Whisperwind ASMR


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Greetings adventurers! After your long journey, Clea is here to help cleanse your aura of any negative energies that may be plaguing you. She'll burn some incense and sage; pluck, rake, and pull away that negativity, and lead you in a guided meditation to help welcome in some positive energy. #ASMRAuraCleanse #ASMRGuidedMeditation #ASMREnergyCleanse New to the channel? Check out the "Welcome to Whisperwind" playlist to meet the main characters: Thank you so much to my amazing members!! Join this channel to get access to perks: Instagram: Twitter: Whisperwind Merchandise: Want to support the adventure? Ko-fi: Whisperwind Wish List: Patreon: ----------------------------------- Endless thanks and love to my wonderful Patrons: Alice, Carrie, Dorothy, Dragonscale, Elan, Jacquelyn, James, Jim, Jonathan, Julie, Kelly, Kimia, Kirstin, Lee, Milan, Nadir, Nanci, Rowan, The Red Wolf, SatansSprite, SatisfactoryASMRDad, Sdsearcher2011, Taylor, theweirdautumn, Theyseekherthere, Umba, and YoungHero! Love you all SO much (uwu) Equipment I Use (affiliate links) Ring Light: Canon T7i: Studio Lights: Wig hangers (I LOVE these!): Hanging Lights: Thank you so much for the support!! You're all world-class adventurers in my book. What is ASMR? *National US suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255 *Crisis Textline: Text HOME to 741741 *International Suicide Hotlines: