ASMR | You are FAILING my CLASS ! Mean Teacher Roleplay!




You are absolute scum, getting this bad of a grade on your research paper. Get it together or I'm going to have to fail you for your terrible writing comprehension skills. A lot of love to my wonderful Patrons on Patreon! LumiGODs: Raphy, Jagar, Kweh, Joseph Flores, Joshua, YV Lumi Tier: East, 희찬 김 My upload schedule: ♥ 2 Times a Week ♥ Additional Bonus Videos when Goals are Hit! I stream on Twitch ♥ Every Wednesday 8pm EST ♥ Every Friday 8pm EST ♥ Every Sunday 8pm EST (Starting Next Week it will be Every Day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 8pm EST) Discord Link: For addition information on future content please check out my Website Website:​ To support my content please consider … Pet YouTube: