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ASMR * 🟡Your Yellow Face Treatment🟡 * Check out my 2.ASMR channel: (Fe)MaleASMR: My Tingles profile: Hello:) I do ASMR videos because i feel that ASMR feeling since i was 6 Years old. The combination of doing what i feel and love and to be creative is a gift for me. I am not that person who want to stand in the center, so that is one of the reason why i don´t have instagram or facebook or something like that. I just want to do ASMR because i know what it means to get that amazing feeling. And everybody who watch my videos and like what i am doing is everything i want. Thank you that you like what i am doing . I am very grateful! If i don´t give your comment a heart,it doesn´t mean i didn´t read it. I read every single comment. Thank you very much!