ASMR 地雷系店長による地雷メイクロールプレイ-Japanese ”JIRAI" Makeup Shop-

#asmr #makeup #roleplay ★不安な夜を過ごされている方々の安眠に少しでもお役に立てますように…★ 👇YouTube BABY ASMR👇 今回はちょっと地雷感漂うメイクショップの店長があなたに容赦なく雑に地雷メイクをするロールプレイです。今夜もぐっすりおやすみなさい⭐ YouTubeサブチャンネルでNo talking ASMRもやってます☆ ☆ ⚠️無断転載しないでください。 ★ May it help you to sleep well for those who are having an uneasy night… ★ This video is a role-play ASMR to give you some obsessive makeup before you go on a date. A "JIRAI make-up" is a makeup that makes the whole face look like a "mengele" and makes the eyes look like they are crying. The concept of makeup is to create a "sickly cute" look. Good night tonight ⭐ ⚠️ Please do not reprint without permission. No talking ASMR on YouTube subchannel ☆ ☆ http: // ★이 동영상이 불안한 밤을 보내고있는 분들의 도움이되기를기도합니다.★ 이 비디오는 데이트를하기 전에 강박적인 화장을하는 역할극입니다. YouTube 서브 채널 No talking ASMR 안개 있습니다 ☆ ☆ http : // ⚠️ 허가없이 재 인쇄하지 마십시오.