ASMR Maid Personal Attention - Relaxing Ear & Face Brushing, PVC, Rubber Gloves - Intense & Tingly

#asmr #maid #tingles The Tingle Maid has arrived at your request to relax you, and of course give you some tingles! She’s got some wonderful things on her trolley and is wearing a very tingly PVC uniform with rubber gloves, so you get yourself nice and comfortable whilst she gets to work. Amazing ear to ear sounds and relaxing personal attention including ear, face and hand brushing with mitts, feather duster, soft dusting brush, bristle brush and sticky lint roller. Softly spoken throughout. 💜Supporting This Channel💜 If you enjoy my content and you would like to support this channel, you can do this via my PayPal Tip Jar, my Amazon Wishlist or my Merch store (lots of of lovely things to buy here!) on my website: - you can also make Custom ASMR video enquiries via my website 😊 Thank you!!❤️ Some of my favourite ASMRtists.... Eddie Does ASMR ASMR Zeitgeist Articulate Design ASMR Ali May ASMR Yvette ASMR ASMR Shanny Scottish Undertones ASMR Scottish ASMR Blueberry