ASMR Dental Exam & Tooth Extraction - Gloves, Typing, Anaesthesia, Suction, Calming Voice, Realistic




#asmr #exam #doctor Relax and let dentist Sarah take good care of you as she gives you a realistic dental exam and carries out your tooth extraction with anaesthesia. Let her calming voice relax you as you enjoy sounds of gloves, suction, typing and instruments. 💜Supporting Me💜 If you enjoy my content and you would like to support me, here are some ways that you can do so! Thank you!! - Merch store (lots of lovely things to buy here!) and you can also make Custom ASMR video enquiries on this website too! SuperThanks donation options appear below every video, and SuperChats and SuperStickers appear in Premiere and Livestream chats - purchasing these is also a great way to support me and the channel! Some of my favourite ASMRtists.... Articulate Design ASMR Yvette ASMR Laurie ASMR Completely Casual ASMR ASMR Shanny TingleStorm ASMR Be Brave Be You ASMR ASMR Muzz Kamen Whispers ASMR Eddie Does ASMR Jonathan Thorson ASMR Zentime ASMR Scottish ASMR Blueberry