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You can use this music as a background to help you study and improve learning process of to make your work more effective. To make it more effective, use your headphones for the best experience. The visual of this video was created using the Mirror Lab app and DaVinci Resolve. If you enjoy my video, be sure to show some support by dropping a like, comment and subscribe with all bell notifications. 🔔 💎 Join my channel to get access to perks: HUGE THANKS TO MY FANS: ☀️ adrian duran ☀️ Mike T ☀️ Benjamin Harris ☀️ Amy S.E ☀️ Gladys To donate/show extra support to the channel, feel free to use these links: 💎 💎 💎 HUGE THANK YOU TO MY WONDERFUL PATRONS: ☀️ Adrian ☀️ Mike T ☀️ gStone ☀️ Mike L ☀️ David Rendock ☀️ Lando ☀️ Ben 🎵 Links to my ASMR music: Spotify: Apple music: Amazon music: Deezer: Tidal: YouTube music: 👥 ASMR BEATS - Official social media accounts: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: Facebook: ♬ MORE OF MY ASMR STUDY MUSIC VIDEOS: ASMR chill beats 🎧 Calm tunes for studying, working and concentration 📚 asmr study music ASMR study music 🎧 1 hour of relaxing music for studying, concentration and memory 📓 Homework and study ASMR music - Improve your focus, concentration and productivity Background ASMR music for studying, working, reading, relaxing, gaming - ASMR keyboard typing © 2022 Matyo. All right reserved. #brainpower #increasememory #focusmusic #concentration #musicforstudying #musicforreading #asmr #asmrwithmusic #asmrmusic #musicwithasmr #relaxingmusic #stressmanagement #stressreliefmusic #studymusic #studymotivation