Asmr Cranial Nerve Examination - 1000% Sleep!

The Laughing Heart [ asmr ]







Asmr Cranial Nerve Examination - 1000% Sleep! How you doing, boys and girls? This video is inspired by @Celaine's ASMR : Go check it out! ALSO: My very special thanks to my good friend Tom MacLaine for buying ALL THE MERCH. You da man, Tom! :-) WHAT I'M WATCHING: Omg. This kept me up for 3 nights straight, I swear. The whole cast is phenomenal. Best I can describe it is American Noir Horror. The ending will send shivers down your spine. NIGHTMARE ALLEY Trailer: WHAT I'M ALSO WATCHING: Now, I'm not one for superhero movies ( ppl keep telling me I should do a Tony Stark / Iron Man roleplay, but I haven't a clue about the storyline ), but I was intrigued as to how the pasty looking guy from 'Twilight' fares as The Dark Knight. It's about 3 days long and I'm about a third of the way through, but so far R-Patz is surprisingly good! THE BATMAN Trailer: Come say hi: TikTok: Twitter: Insta: