Asmr Giving Positive Energy And COOLING YOU DOWN!

The Laughing Heart [ asmr ]




Asmr Giving Positive Energy And COOLING YOU DOWN! Early Access, Ad-Free and EXCLUSIVE videos from £4 a month on PATREON : For Summer 😊 It's VERY HOT here in Europe. Like 38C (100 Fahrenheit) in the shade hot. This video will cool you down AND make you feel positive about things. Who said men can't multitask? WHAT I'M DANCING TO: Amidst a plethora of guitar bands and electronica/dance acts, these guys were a breath of fresh air at the Glastonbury festival. I defy you not to dance. I DEFY YOU. GABRIELS - Love And Hate In A Different Time SPEAKING OF GUITAR BANDS, I shall one day marry the lead singer of this group: WOLF ALICE- The Last Man On Earth AUDIOBOOK I'M LISTENING TO: Palimpsest; A Memoir by Gore Vidal. America's 20th Century answer to Oscar Wilde, he also possessed the best ASMR voice ever. Check it out. You'll be mesmerised in no time. QUOTE OF THE DAY: 'We Know What We Are, But Not What We May Be' - From Hamlet (William Shakespeare). If you like my work and want to support my channel, consider making a small (and very much appreciated!) donation! : Come say hi: TikTok: Twitter: Insta: