Deep Grounding Crystal singing bowls sound bath Calm Anxiety







Relax with this deep grounding crystal singing bowls sound bath. Connecting you deep with the earth. Calming down Anxiety with these magical bowls frequiencies. Help you to breathe deeper and feel calmer. Perfect to fall asleep to and relax after a lon stressful day. Using OM tuning for to connect you to the sound of the universe and wooden percussion for earthtones. Watch Live on Twitch: Subscriber Goal ||||||||||||||| 91% |||||||||||||.. 45.8K/50K Newest Sub: Caleb Long Newest pateron: andrew - One for ALL Latest Tipper: TIps: Join Discord Equipment I use Camera Sony A6000: Sigma Lens: NT1 Mics: NT5 Mics ( Used with bowls mostly): Zoom H6 recorder: Mixing Desk: Basic Crystal Singing bowl set: Himalayan bowls: Koshi Chimes: Wooden Frog: Lighting Main face lighting: Coloured lights: #groundingmeditation #crystalbowls #soundbath I hope this soundbath finds you well and helps you feel at peace within, grounding and centering yourself. Thank you SO much for watching my content. Please like, subscribe and if you are able to support me further please check out the links below. Patreon Donate LIVE STREAMS Come say hi! Live ASMR and more SOCIAL ASMR albums are now available on iTunes: Spotify: YouTube Music: Deezer: & Google Play Music Work Contact