ASMR | TEST 1 | Fabric Scratching Sounds | Fast Body Triggers | Doctor Roleplay | Cranial Nerve Exam

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Hi! YOU'RE LATE! 💝 All my links 👄 Today I'm doing a Cranial Nerve Exam for you! This is the first part! All exams with the use of light! Although you are late, we will pass these tests quickly! They will contain light tracking! Hey😳 HEY😮 HEY!!!🤔 Look at me! Focus on me! Concentrate on me!😳 Good Follow the light! It's necessary to see the tracking of your eyes!👀 LOOK HERE NOT THERE🤔🧐🤔 You need to watch the beam! You have to pass the test! What prevents you from following the light? EVERYTHING IS WRONG 😌 Relaxation is coming 😌 ❤️ ALL MY LINKS 👄 ⭐️ INSTAGRAM: ✉️ Business Inquiries/Custom: 😘 SUBSCRIBE to my channel 😘 👍 Click on the LIKE button 👍 💕 It helps me make MORE videos for you 💕 ASMR, roleplay, medical exam, detailed medical cranial exam, doctor roleplay, check your eyes, personal attention, asmr para dormir, асмр, doctor exam, ear exam, soft spoken words, whispering, asmr for sleep, relaxation #asmr #scratching #fabric #whispering #roleplay ❤️❤️❤️ Love