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Hi guys~Long time no see. Its been 2 years long the last time i uploaded boyfriend - role play on this channel. From now on, I will upload boyfriend roleplay on this channel. Please give me a lot of attention and love. 안녕하세요~ 야매남친 채널에서는 2년만이네요 앞으로 남친롤플은 이 채널에 올릴예정입니다. 많은관심과 사랑 부탁드립니다. I always welcome someone who can help me with subtitles in any language. Because of you guys help, many peole in variety countries can enjoy my videos. I can't make a profit from boyfriend rp because of Youtube policy. If you become my patron, it'll help me run my boyfriend channel alot. Thank you so much!:) ? ? SNS ? ? ✉ E-mail: People Who Helped Me Thumbnail : 2DAMHAE English Subtitles : 1Goo KOR SUB 한국어자막 : Yame JPN SUB 日本語字幕 : Miku ▼The else who helped subtitles▼