ASMR Follow My Instructions 💗 (very lofi) (background noise)







ASMR Follow My Instructions 💗 (very lofi) (background noise) 💜Answers to frequent comments: 1. Thank you for the hair compliments 😭 Raven from Teen Titans is my whole heart and soul. -YES I have done a Raven cosplay, I’ll post it on Insta or something soon if you’re curious. -NO I cannot do one rn as I’m still settling into my new place and my hair has since faded from the purple you see here ): -For those asking what dye I used / how i got the color: I did not redye my hair, the purple is what it faded into after dying it blue/black on top of the green I had right before. I’ve been going to the pool a lot, so it’s fading fast af and it’s cool to watch it transform! 2. Thank you for the kind comments about my move. Unfortunately it did NOT go well 😅🙃 If you follow me on Twitter, you know the deets. BUT I’m okay now ☀️ 3. To the comments asking if I was tired: I’m ALWAYS tired 😭 and I had JUST moved cross country in this vid. I was exhausted but REALLY wanted to film. I’m okay though, no need to worry 🌻 — 🌲Linktree: 💫IG: @ LunaBloomASMR 🗣Twitter: @ TheLunaBloom 🌙 TikTok: @ LunaBloomASMR @ TheLunaBloom 🌹Merch: 🎙💤Spotify: ☕️ Ko-Fi 💝Wishlist