ASMR 台灣|No talking|Relaxing Lavender Oil Massage | ラベンダーオイルマッサージ【Healing希靈/VTuber】

ASMR Healing Ch.希靈





#台V #3DIO #台灣VTuber ? Wearing earphone or headphone is recommended 請戴上耳機,效果最佳 "Please enjoy ASMR sounds with earphones." "I will talk less during ASMR stream, but I will read all messeages in chatroom." "The most important is, please be relax during the stream." Video by Ambient_ Nature_Atmosphere from Pixabay Share Link: #台V #台灣Vtuber #VTuber ? 如果各位狐之眷屬喜歡奴家的頻道可以訂閱和點開小鈴鐺 以免錯過最新消息喔❤️ ? 頻道經營方向包含雜談、遊戲、ASMR、塔羅占卜療癒 ? Facebook: Twitter: Plurk: マシュマロ提問箱: Donate希靈吃甜豆皮(綠界): Donate希靈吃甜豆皮(歐付寶): Paypal希靈吃甜豆皮: 工作、合作信箱 服裝設計師:奈奈老師 立繪繪師: L.F.老師 LOGO師:緋千夜老師 封面繪師:Si Ta老師 BGM:Artist : 오늘의 일기 Title : 별의 시선 Link : I hope you would enjoy this ASMR channel and have a wonderful night. If you like my video, please subscribe my channel and click the "like" button to support me. I appreciate if you could leave your comment for me too. Thank you! 視聴者の皆さんがこのチャンネルが好きならいいなと思います 視聴者の皆さんは良い夢を見れますように 皆さんからのコメント、評価、チャンネル登録も、全ては自分が動画を撮る原動力なので、 どうか、どんどん送ってください、コメントを、もちろんチャンネル登録、評価も忘れずに!