ASMR - Swimming With You ? Getting Water Out Of Your Ears

Jodie Marie ASMR







Hi Tweedles, This idea of getting water out of your ears was given to me by a Subscriber (Now A Patron) I adapted it a little bit as I do and here is the result. I really hope you enjoy it :). few tingles, bit of silliness and lots of fun :) If you enjoyed this video and would like more content from me. I make content on Patreon or you can become a Madness Member here too. Here is the link to all my social media including Patreon, Madness Membership, Trend Threads(second channel) Spotify, instagram, twitter & Wishlists. Business Enquires Email: Finally I got a PO Box Jodie Marie ASMR PO Box 18028 Halesowen B62 2PP  Patreon Tiers Tier 1 Tender Tingles - is $3 a month Tier 2 Sleep sweetly $7 a month Tier 3 Monthly Moments $15 Tier 4 Relaxation Remedy $50 Tier 5 Breathtaking Bundle $100 Lots of love   --------------------------------♡----------------------------- ASMR is a fun and enjoyable way to help you relax and get you feeling sleepy with a bit of entertainment