毎週金曜日深夜に定期ASMR配信してます。 チャンネル登録お願いします♡ ※アーカイブは削除またはメンバー限定行き予定です。 ※本気で楽しんでくれている人がいる以上、変にからかったり場の空気を荒らすような空気の読めないコメントはお控えください。 ※切り抜きは可能ですが、全編すべてののアップロードはお控えください イラスト→ぺさまるさん ♡Twitter  https://twitter.com/g9v9g_mirei You can use the tag #教えて郡道先生​ to tweet about me. ♡Membership  https://youtube.com/channel/UCeShTCVgZyq2lsBW9QwIJcw/join The membership courses include exclusive streams, videos, posts, and stamps. Videos of my past ASMR streams are also available for all members. ♡Please follow these rules so that everyone can enjoy the stream: ● Don't hold conversations with other viewers in the chat. ● Don't bring up other streamers unless I mention them. ● Also don't talk about me in other streamers' chat. ♡About me  I'm Mirei Gundou (郡道美玲 Gundo Mirei), a virtual YouTuber from NIJISANJI. I work as a teacher in an all-boys' school, so some call me Gundou-sensei. I stream and upload clips almost everyday and do ASMR on Fridays. Please comment, like and subscribe! #GundouMirei #Nijisanji #Vtuber