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OMG asmr - Like, Subscribe, Comment. Twitter: ___________________________________________ Please read on for more important details. ____________________________________________ *Dark theme friendly video for full relaxation.* ____________________________________________ What is ASMR? (Autonomous sensory meridian response) - ____________________________________________ Remember to support big AND small ASMRtists. _____________________________________________ OMG asmr is for relaxation and tingles. I have been listening/watching other ASMR artists for many years. I wanted to try my own hand at ASMR and lend my voice to a beautiful and inspiring community. Doing this will be a side hobby. I do not want to be a full time Youtuber, I also do not want to receive money from what I will be doing or currently have done. ASMR isn't a cure for real life problems and I urge anyone with mental health or issues to go to these charities websites for professional help.