ASMR Soap carving




Is there anybody there who likes scratching sounds? If so, today's video should be a treat for you. It took me almost 5 days to finish shooting it. Initially I was going to make just some soap scratching and carving noises with a knife and a scalpel. I wasn't going to carve any particular sculptures, as it seemed to be too demanding and time consuming, to say nothing about the complete lack of any carving skills. But then when I was browsing through different pictures of soap sculptures I stumbled across a really cool looking Garfield figure. I decided to challenge myself to make a similar one, and yes... it definitely wasn't a good idea... you can see what a masterpiece I managed to make xD Raise your hand if you can see Garfield in this chunk of soap. The second one which is a kind of alien or wannabe superhero was a total improvisation. The last ''sculpture'' is a boat which I decided to make for them. Why? Simply because I though that it would be a good idea to sail both of them away in order to spare them being exposed to ridicule from way better looking colleagues. Unfortunately they didn't make it to the island of losers and had been lost in the depths of the ocean of dishsoap. Just for the record - It is not a tutorial. This video was made only for relaxation purposes. I've never been carving in soap before and I consider myself as a person without any artistic sense. I'm completely aware that my technique is improper and clumsy. This video is aimed at people who want to relax while listening to high quality sound of ASMR triggers. If want to find out what ASMR is I recommend reading a Wikipedia article here: Order a custom ASMR video: Tingles app: Carving knife used in this video: Audio: Become my Patron/Get personalized videos: Please click the thumbs up button if you want to see the second part. My equipment: Mic 1: Mic 2: Pair of mics 3: XLR cables: Audio Interface: Laptop with passive cooling for sound recording: Recorder 1: Recorder 2: Camera 1: Camera 2: Lens 1: Lens 2: Stedicam: